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Главная News Bishop Afanasy (Sakharov) and “renovationism”
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29.09.2017 00:00


Bishop Afanasy (Sakharov) was one of the most bright figures in the Church's life of the Soviet period. In 2000 he was glorified as the holy confessor.


The future Bishop Afanasy (Sergei Sakharov) was born on July 2, 1887. His childhood and youth were spent in the ancient city of Vladimir-on-the-Kliazma. Sergei’s hardships and trials began in his early childhood. It was hard for him to study. Unexpectedly to everyone, he graduated from the Vladimirskaya Seminary with great success.

Hieromonk Afanasy was thirty years old when revolution happened in Russia. An extremely important and breaking event in the life of Vladyka Afanasy was his elevation to bishop of Kovrov. The main concern and pain of Vladyka was how to avoid a new schism, known as “renovationism”. The revolutionary authorities used these renovationist ideas to divide and to weaken the Church. He didn't allow his people to associate with the renovationists in order to shame them. The holy hierarch’s first arrest took place on March 30, 1922. The years of confessing the Christian faith in camps and prisons became for Bishop Afanasy not loss but gain. He suffered from many hard illnesses during his exile. Only on March 7, 1955, Bishop Afanasy was released from the prison. Vladyka’s consolation was Divine services in the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.

On Sunday, October 28, 1962, on the day of St. John of Suzdal, the holy hierarch quietly committed his spirit to God. He knew the day and hour of his death beforehand.

Students of the 3rd class Konstantin Rybachuk and Andrey Serduchenko